I have lost interest in knitting.

I have lost interest in almost everything.

I have a problem that’s beyond my scope to try and solve, and I have taken the extremely difficult step of asking for the help I need to work through it.

In the meantime, my life is about to face enormous disruption. And I honestly don’t know if I can carry with me the yarn and fiber that holds so many memories for me.

I know I may find it in me again to love knitting and spinning. But when my problems interfere with my ability to relate even to people who share the love of these pastimes, I know I need to do something.

Maybe getting rid of most of my stash and my wheel aren’t the solution. But most of my stash, and my wheel, are infused with memories and emotions that are entirely too painful for me to deal with right now. And rather than haul all those things into a storage unit so they can gather dust, I’d prefer to see them go to good homes. So I’ve decided to sell off or give away the majority of my stash.

When I do feel like I am interested in knitting again, I would like to make a fresh start, and make a real effort to control my stashing and spending and impulse buying and “One-day-I’ll-knit-a-shawl-with-that”-ing.

So, with that, I bid my stash farewell. It’s just one more thing in my life that deserves better than I can give it.