I don’t usually argue with myself, and when I do, I don’t often win, but it’s amazing what kind of tricks your mind will get up to when you’re trying to get it to overlook the punishment you’re putting your body through. In other words, here’s a summation of the lecture I gave myself while trying to get through Week 4 Day 1 of my Couch to 5K program.*

I actually started the program once before, last summer, but I quit before I got to this particular week. Week 4 is a bit of a jump because it has you running for 5 minutes straight for the first time, after doing only 3 minutes in week 3. My app lets you create custom runs, so I actually set up a kind of “bridge” week to try and acclimate myself: 2.5 minutes running, 1.5 walking, 8 intervals. Except I didn’t realize that was 8 of each, not 8 total. I finished it, although I thought I might die, but it’s hard to tell if that was actually beneficial in being able to finish Week 4 Day 1, especially since I took a week off in between.


I’ve been trying really hard to resist buying from The Copper Corgi. Unfortunately, I am a complete sucker for advertising, and thus I found myself entering a contest to win yarn for a KAL that I had no clue about. I mean, the cowl is nice, but the gradient yarn it’s knit in is what really makes it shine, and the prize is a gradient set from Copper Corgi to knit it with. To enter the contest, you had to post in the thread either your favorite gradient colorway, or an idea for a gradient.

My idea was to take one of her other colorways (a deep blue with lighter blue accents) and turn that into a gradient. Nothing groundbreaking, just my natural attraction to that color. Lo and behold, she actually dyed one up and sent me a message to let me know. And now I’m considering buy yarn I don’t need, for a KAL I hadn’t planned on joining (unless I won the drawing), from a vendor who was part of the reason I’m trying to save up for SAFF.

The conversation, as it were, went something like this:

Lizard brain: I want it.

Adult brain: You can’t have it. You don’t need it. You’re saving up.

Lizard brain: But I want it now.

Adult brain: You’re already in the middle of a ton of projects anyway.

Lizard brain: But coupon code.

Adult brain: So? Must you be so susceptible to advertising?

Lizard brain: But pretty.

Adult brain: But you might win anyway. Then won’t you feel silly?

Lizard brain: But I never win things.

Adult brain: You’ve won two things in the past year.

And so on.

Finally, a compromise was reached: If I managed to successfully finish the C25K program, I could buy whatever yarn I wanted. Even if it was well before SAFF (although it would definitely be long after those gradient kits are gone).

Stay tuned for my next post: How I Died While Jogging.**

*Couch to 5K, or C25K, is a program designed to introduce people who aren’t ordinarily active, to running. There are a number of apps, but the basic premise is the same: you run X minutes (or distance), then walk X. The run intervals get progressively longer and walks get shorter, until you’re running an entire 5K, or 3.1 miles, without stopping. The app tells you when to start running, when to stop, and via GPS tracking tells you your speed, distance, etc.

**Yes, I stole that from Drew Carey.