What I knit, I got to give it to my mama. Apparently, it’s good luck.

I’ve been knit-alonging only since October, when I decided to join Sock Knitters Anonymous in their monthly challenges. I’d been a member a while, but that was the month I decided that, rather than just ogling at their pictures, I’d actually try and chew through my queue by doing a pair of socks every month. The very first challenge I did was October, when I knit a pair of colorwork socks. I actually knit them for a Selfish Knitters & Crocheters KAL and double-dipped them into SKA, but they were a gift for a friend, not for me. Much to my surprise, I won a learn-to-spin kit from a very nice Raveler.

In April, I knit two pairs of socks for SKA, both from Hunter Hammersen patterns. One of them, I originally was going to keep, but when I tried them on they were way too small around, so I decided they would be my Mother’s Day gift. Now, I’ve never expected to win anything from an SKA challenge, just because there are so many entries, usually somewhere in the 200s. There are a number of prizes, from yarn to needles to notions to patterns, and some people knit 3 or 4 (or more!) pairs in the allotted 2 months. So while I do go back and check to see my name on the finisher’s list, I don’t do it because I expect a prize; I just like to see my name up on the board, so to speak.

I was pleasantly surprised to log onto Ravelry this Tuesday and see that I had actually won a prize, and a pretty nice one at that: a project bag from Peg’s Procrastinations.

wpid-2014-06-06-19.02.04.png.pngI just have to say that I. Love. This. Bag. I like the design (which is why I chose it). It’s much roomier than the bag I’d been using, and much better-made (which is understandable, since she makes hers to sell, whereas I can almost sew a straight line on a good day). It also came with some extra little goodies, and my favorite has to be the row counter attached to the drawstring (which also matches the color scheme). The business-card ruler is pretty ingenious, too, and I think I might laminate it. It’s perfect for SKA challenges, too, because it measures 3″, which is the minimum required leg length for socks to qualify for drawings.

Honestly, I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal here. I mean, the socks were all right… but I have a lot of handknit socks. I do not have a lot of beautiful professionally-made project bags.