I can’t help it. I never had an allowance as a kid, so mine just burns a hole right through my pocket. Although it’s all digital, so whatever the digital equivalent of that would be, I guess.

So I finally figured out how to get my $15 “allowance” direct-deposited to my “allowance” account, instead of doing an automatic bank transfer every payday and having to wait until Monday for it to clear. Really, though, all it means is that now I can blow through it on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. And when I say “figured out” I mean that this Heartbleed thing made me go into all of my accounts and do some housekeeping, and while I was logged into that one (for the first time since I got it), I looked for the direct deposit information. So, thanks, Heartbleed, I guess.

As it turned out, though, I had a few bucks in the account, so I bought some patterns for no better reason than I liked them. Okay, I actually bought Carabe because I want to make a cardigan, but it’s going to take some serious tweaking to get Paulie to fit me. I didn’t set out to buy a cardi pattern, but the colors reached out and slapped me in the face while I was doing a queue search for something else.

But it got me thinking, I have bought a lot of patterns that got me all fired up, and then they sat in my queue forever because I have the attention span of the dog from Up. I decided to count how many patterns I’ve purchased, compared to how many I’ve knit, and how feasible it would be to try to spend the rest of the year only knitting patterns I’d paid for.

  • Ocean City Shawlette: I think this is the reason I opened a PayPal account. It’s a gorgeous lace pattern, and I cast it on right away, being too much of a noob to realize that a highly variegated yarn and a lace pattern will never be friends. It was a necessary lesson to learn, and it inspired me to dye a gradient yarn that will look good in the pattern. (I hope.)
  • Roar, A Dinosaur Hat: I used this one to make a hat for my cousin’s son for Christmas. Great success.
  • Honey Socktails: I loved the bee pattern, and this was before I knew anything of stitch dictionaries. The socks became a gift for my MIL after they came nowhere near fitting me, but hey, a FO’s a FO.
  • Brownstone: I wanted to make a sweater for my husband, but none of the free patterns were doing it for me. I finally decided to expand my search to paid patterns, and I found this one, which is just awesome for someone who’s new to sweaters (or even to knitting – it’s incredibly detailed). I regret nothing! And I’m 3 for 4, although I prefer to give myself half credit for at least casting on Ocean City and having enough sense to take it apart when it wasn’t working out.
  • An Easier Heel: I used this actual pattern twice. Eventually I realized that it’s basically the same thing as the Fleegle heel.
  • Narragansett: I fell in love with it, but wanted to lose some weight before I started it. I have lost weight, and although I have more I want to lose, I’m happy enough with where I am that I want to have a sweater to fit me. I started it, but I ended up frogging.
  • 7 Small Shawls, Year Two: The Muses: I’ve knit one of them. I have five more queued, and one actually has a stashed yarn assigned to it, which gives it good odds that I’ll get to it sometime during my life.
  • Sharktooth: Saw this at a LYS and had to have it. Also has a yarn assignment, and I’ve gotten as far as dyeing it.
  • John Huston, the Tarnished Hero: My favorite pair of socks to wear. The pattern did languish for a while between the time I bought it and when I cast it on. I think this was where my pattern-buying started to get away from me.
  • Iron Maiden: This was just peer pressure. I still like it and plan to knit it, but if it hadn’t been gushed over in a Ravelry thread, and I hadn’t happened to have $4 in my allowance account, it would still be languishing in my Favorites.
  • Sunstruck: It was a MKAL, and it was free. I like some of the designer’s other stuff, but this one just kinda… eh, didn’t really hit me. And I’m not really a MKAL person. (Maybe I should become one. I might get something done.)
  • Horai: Beautiful and very inexpensive (100 Yen works out to about a buck). How could I not?
  • Mountain of Light: Another free MKAL, I think. I’m a little more likely to do this one, but I have to think of a superhero name first.
  • Linesx3: Absolutely plan to make these, just need to clear the sock queue up a bit.
  • Fish Lips Kiss Heel: I really do plan to try these, because I am perpetually on a quest to find a short-row heel I can wear. But I keep chickening out, not wanting to make a pair that won’t fit. One day, I’ll make a pair I’m meh about, so I won’t feel bad about giving them away if the FLK heel turns out not to be the Holy Grail of Heels.
  • Xanthophyll and Trifurcate, purchased together: I can’t remember why I bought them together. I think there must have been a promo, because I loved the Xanthophyll pattern for a long time, and something pushed me to buy it. I am actually working on the pattern right now.
  • Tuxedo: A swing and a miss. Bought it because I like the designer, and I like seeing socks designed toe-up. I’ve frogged them, but they’re near the top of my queue. The stitch pattern is very stretchy, so it might be a good one to try with the FLK heel.
  • The Architect of Rivendell: Strike two. However, this frogging was because the socks were way too tight. They’re also in progress, after having redone the charts to accommodate a larger foot.
  • How Come That Blood: Another “wish-list” pattern that went on sale. I was going to knit them for underappreciated month in SKA, but there were too many projects.
  • Bargello Blanket: Another “ooh, shiny!”
  • Waneka: AWWW YEAH. That was a slog, because I haaaaate knitting icord.
  • The Beekeeper’s Quilt: Well, that’s ancient history.
  • Cherry Lane Socks: I’d been obsessed with getting my hands on some Tough Love, and once I did, it seemed fitting to use a pattern to go with it. Of course, the fact that Cherry Lane is a song from my favorite Ryan Adams album, was a bit of a draw. But yeah: FINISHED OBJECT.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: “Pretty, gotta have.” But come on, who could blame me? Those are magical.
  • Twiggy Cardigan: Bought, made, and am currently wearing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.
  • Haystacks: This was a gift to someone else
  • Arietta: I knew I’d cave in and buy it one day, and I did. It’s now at the top of my queue. I’m usually not afraid of knitting, but this one I’m a little wary of. I know it will not turn out as beautiful as the designer’s, and like the knowledge that this planet will one day be destroyed by its own sun, it makes me feel sad and defeated.
  • Carabe: Hooray, a cardigan with sizing for the woman who has it all… in her balcony.
  • Beautiful Cobweb: Another “Oooh, pretty.” I gotta start knitting some shawls, man. Maybe once I have enough socks.

So, out of 30 purchased… minus one that was for someone else, plus 7 for the fact that one purchase was a book… I’ve completed 9, or 25%. I’ve attempted 3, and have 3 in progress, so that leaves 21 I’d have to cast on by the end of the year.

It doesn’t sound totally ridiculous. I completed over 50 projects last year, although some of them were little tiny one-day knits. But then you also have to factor in all the patterns I’ve bought that weren’t Ravelry downloads: there are Interweaves and books and magazines, and each of those contains at least four patterns I’d want to make, which is how I decide whether or not I want to buy a book or magazine.

Welp. So much for that. I’m going outside to throw my copy of Sock Innovation into the sun.