I don’t think I’ve ever been as glad to be done with a project as I am to be done with my Skew socks. I’m always happy to click “finished,” but these socks were especially challenging for me.

Skew is not a difficult pattern. It’s entirely stockinette, with the shaping and biased fabric created by simple increases and decreases. The hardest part is the heel grafting. But getting it to fit properly was no easy task, and I ended up frogging the entire pair (well, I guess technically I frogged the left sock twice), and I was even pretty sure I would end up just giving up on it entirely.

Both the first and the second time, the sock was too tight across the instep. My feet are long and wide, but they also have a high instep, so I tried the “high instep” mod on the designer’s website. This didn’t really help that much; it was hard to pull on, and very tight across the instep. Then I tried a tip from another Raveler, and gradually added increases as I worked the foot. It helped a little, and was easier to put on, but after a few minutes of wear, the sock was uncomfortably tight again. I usually wear my handknit socks to work, and I feared that after twelve hours in that sock, my toes would be turning gray.

Finally, I cast on both toes at once, using a needle one size up, and that turned out to be just what I needed. Between the bigger size and the added instep stitches, I came out with a pair of socks that went on easily and fit comfortably. They are a little baggy around the front of the ankle, and the colors don’t match, as you can see in this photo:

But what can you do, really? The right sock has nice, visible color transitions, and the left one is fairly muddy. And both of them have extra room across the instep and at the outer ankle. They definitely wouldn’t win any prizes. But they fit well enough, they’re warm, and they’re Kroy, so I’m pretty sure they’ll survive the apocalypse. With these off the needles, and my Waneka cowl (hopefully) soon to follow, I can get started on something more substantial: the Narragansett I’ve had queued forever, that I told myself I could cast on once I lost some weight. I’m down 40 pounds, and I’m hungry for a big challenge.

For once, I can’t wait to start a gauge swatch.