I have been meaning to get some sewing done all week. I got this new (to me) machine, and I used it to fix a giant stuffing-spewing hole in our bedspread, but I’ve been itching to do something fun with it, like tackle one of the approximately nine thousand sewing projects I’ve seen on Pinterest.

I had a very productive day at the pedal. First, I fixed the cloth napkins I bought for Thanksgiving. I only bought them because I thought it’d be a little classier than paper ones (plus, they were 2/$1 at the Christmas Tree Shop), but they had these annoying tags in them with their original manufacturing information, which included that ubiquitous Bentonville, Arkansas address. They were sewn right into the hem, so I had to rip a few seams and rehem. Fortunately, I had some thread that matched almost perfectly (random Value Village grab bag, 30-odd spools of all colors for around $2), and now they look great.

Then I decided to make some throw pillow covers. I have been hitting thrift shops all week, looking for suitable fabric substitutes. I found a queen-sized flat sheet in purple and black that will make perfect bedroom curtains, and a yellow/blue/green pastel striped shower curtain that will look great on the kitchen windows (obviously, though, I won’t be able to get around to curtains until I get it up to go to Lowes for the tubing, paint, knobs, and fixtures I need to actually hang curtains).

I also got a large sheet with small black flowers, which I wanted to use to make some throw pillows. The ones we have now are from Ikea, and even though they’re nice, they’re full of feathers, so once a week I get stabbed in the face. I have a collection of misshapen, discolored bed pillows that we use for guests, but they’re so sad and sorry-looking that I decided I wanted to square them up and make them pretty. So now I have two new pretty pillows on my couch.

Finally, I wanted to make a project bag. I have been recycling yarn-shop bags, but those get ratty after a while. Ziplocs work too, but where’s the fun in that? No, I wanted to make something cute. I have a bunch of random fat quarters, a half-dozen remnants, and other random bits of stuff, so I decided to try something simple: a fat quarter project bag.

I absolutely love this bag. I love the colors and the way the top gathers when you close it. I also enjoy the bit of structure and firmness you get from a little fusible interfacing. It’s the perfect size and shape for a pair of socks, although what I’m currently using it for is my slowly-growing collection of hexipuffs.

I’m pretty proud of this, I’ll admit. I’m really excited about unlocking all the possibilities with this machine.

2013-11-24 14.48.41