There are a few patterns that have made my jaw drop. Admittedly, they’re generally for very intricate or delicate or complicated things that I would never have the time, motivation, or skill to make myself.

This time, I was agape at a pattern that I absolutely loved, for an item that I could very easily make and would even get some use out of. (Wedding ring shawls are gorgeous, but that’s more of a display/heirloom item than something you could actually throw over your shoulders for a cocktail party.)

The thing about this particular pattern is that it was meant to work best with this particular yarn, and that the shifts in color are accompanied by changes in stitch patterns (which is what made it pop, to me – the color changes and the stitch patterns work together to create an effect that challenges the eye).

The thing about this particular yarn (this, specifically, is the one for which I pine) is that it comes with a price tag of at least $30 a skein. I’ve heard tales of prohibitively expensive yarn, but never before have I actually looked at it and thought, “yeah. I need that.”

Yeah. I need this. Thing is, I can’t afford or justify spending that much money on a pair of socks. Especially when I have at least 10 sock yarns I can choose from in my own stash.

Still, I really want to make that pattern. I’m in love with the shifts, the soles, everything. So to console myself, I’m going to make a pair with a self-striping yarn. I poked around some, and it seems like the best bet as far as durability and affordability is the KnitPicks Chroma, and luckily I found someone on Rav who was selling a ball for $8, shipping included. Even though I don’t really need any more damn yarn (or queued patterns), I think $11 is much more within my sock-budget price-range.