Or: The Hat I Didn’t Want to Make.

It looks more like an ashtray anyway at this point (or an oversized fabric diaphragm). It’ll probably wind up adorning a parking meter downtown.

I actually found this pattern for Brittany, my friend who is more of a crochet freeballer than a pattern-follower. It looked pretty easy, but hers was kind of starting to resemble a frisbee instead of a hat, and instead of a nice, straight rib, the fpdcs were forming a spiral. Pretty, but she was beginning to despair that she’d wind up with nothing but a floppy, shapeless “thingy” instead of something that would fit a human head.

I offered what help you can give someone when you’re not working on the same thing they are. Not wanting to hijack her hook, and my brain being in knitting mode, I felt a lot like I was trying to tutor someone in calculus while working on my own Shakespeare term paper. So when I got home, I dug out my ball of “practice” (ie, “who would wear this?”) yarn and worked through the pattern myself.

I still don’t know why hers was starting to resemble like a saucer instead of a hat, but I know why it’s spiraling. The third round says you should end up with 30 dc but you only will get 29 unless you do 2 dc in the same space with the join. It is kind of a neat effect, though.