Back in April, I bought a set of 40″ circular bamboo needles from Amazon.

It was one of those sets where you get like 12 pairs of needles for $25. Right away you know this isn’t going to be top-of-the-line, but they’re great for learning and doing the magic loop technique. Since I had a $25 gift certificate anyway, I figured I didn’t have much to lose.

I was surprised that I actually really love these needles. The joins are surprisingly smooth and durable. The cables are kind of a hollow vinyl instead of the stiff nylon most circs use, so they’re incredibly flexible right out of the box. (I bought a pair of KnitPicks nickel-plated, and while I love how smooth the tips are, I despise the cable, which hasn’t softened up despite at least two hot-water soakings.)

I was sad to find out that my rabbit loves them, too. Hardly surprising, since that vinyl does smell delicious.

The real kicker is that he’s not a huge chewer, for a rabbit. When we got him a few months ago, we were prepared to have our coffee table and baseboards gnawed up. We covered all exposed electric cables and stocked up on bits of wood, toilet paper tubes, and cardboard boxes to keep him from destroying the house or electrocuting himself.

But, generally speaking, the only thing he chews on is his food. Now, he’ll eat the shit out of some carrots and celery, and he munches on hay all day long. But the only non-food object he’s shown any interest in is the willow-branch balls they sell at the local big-box pet stores. I thought nothing of him sticking his head into my knitting bag, because I didn’t think anything in it would be of interest to him.

Even more surprising is that he didn’t chew on the bamboo, he just gnawed right through the cable. The husband tried to fix it up with Gorilla Glue and some clear tape, but I’m not optimistic.

Lesson: never underestimate a rabbit. I knew that little bastard was evil.