I bought these cheap-ass needles on Amazon.

I was just starting out knitting socks, and I really wanted to do the Magic Loop thing, but I didn’t know if I would like it, or if it’d turn out well. I had an Amazon gift certificate that’d been floating around my apartment for about two months, so I decided to use it on a set of U-nitt circular bamboo needles, figuring that if they sucked, I’d only be out $25 I couldn’t find any other use for anyway.

Honestly, I enjoy knitting with them. I think my surprise at liking them stems more from the pervasive attitude about inexpensive knitting materials than from any sort of reputation U-nitt has earned. The reviews were positive (even if there were only 4 of them), and the only cost to me was the less-than-$1 I paid to cover what the gift cert didn’t.

I love Ravelry. Really, I do. But you can definitely get the impression that everyone uses nothing but the best needles and hooks and yarn. Unless you’re in a thread or group that caters specifically to the thriftier knitter, you get the feeling that mentioning your no-name needles or box-store yarn would be akin to taking a big, runny dump in a pristine guest bathroom.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little frugal sometimes. On the other hand, sometimes you just want something more. Take, for example, my 88 Honda. It’s a fantastic little car, but it’s definitely showing its age, so when I need to go somewhere outside the 100-mile AAA tow radius, I rent. And even though my car gets me from A to B, I still love driving an almost-new car with a working air conditioner, cruise control, and an awesome stereo.

But while I’m very polite – almost deferential – when it comes to my car, taking care to never talk smack about it when it’s in earshot, I’m much more cavalier when it comes to my U-nitts. Every time I get a kink in the cable from pulling a loop too fast or too close, or I have to grip extra hard to work a too-tight stitch, or I pull a little harder than I should on the cable, I think well, this is it, you’re off to Needle Heaven. Guess I’m going to the yarn shop tomorrow.

But it never stinkin’ happens. Those little bastards are indestructible.

And you know what? I don’t care. While I wouldn’t be upset if something happened to one of them* – unless I was so absolutely broke I couldn’t even afford to drop $15 at the LYS (or even $4 at JoAnn) – I am perfectly content to use what I have as long as it continues to get me from A to B.

Okay, sure, if I could afford it, I’d drop $160 or so for a set of Addi Clicks, or even $70 for a set of KnitPicks Options. But I’d also take a Hyundai if someone was offering it for free.

*The needles, not the car. If my Honda predeceases me, I will cry.