It’s been said before, but these Brainless socks are anything but. I had to break out a pair of the long-neglected dpns and separate these for the gusset increases. I made the last pair the exact same way with no problems, so I dunno what gives. Maybe it’s the damn M1L and M1R increases. All I know is that pushing all those stitches around a circular needle was becoming very, very tiresome.

As it stands now, I’m finished with and have cast off one of the socks. It’s turned out very satisfactorily, except for the fact that there’s no way it’ll fit my gigantic foot. Now I get to move the other sock off the dpns and do the heel turn. At the moment, though, I’m a little dejected and contemplating not even finishing the pair.

I’m going to have to give them away, which I don’t mind, but I definitely want them to go to someone who’ll appreciate them. And who has a willowy foot. Pretty much rules out anyone blood related to me. We’re a beefy people. (Although I am proud to say that I am mercifully cankle-free.)

What’s most aggravating is that I swatched and everything. I guess I’m more used to socks with fripperies – lace, ribbing, cables – that tend to open up and stretch out the fabric.

One of these days I’ll get it right. Until then, all I have is a lonely little sock, just waiting for its mate and a foot to fill it.

I should specify, preferably a foot attached to a body.